Moove is the visionary line of internal panelling created by Déco to encourage a new way of conceiving cladding for walls and false ceilings.
Designed to make the most of all indoor environments, Moove is a family of wall coverings that embraces the refined design trends by offering a wide variety of finishes, materials and profiles that are always highly innovative.
a new concept of boiserie
Thanks to the vibrant colors of the Moove Vitter® and Moove Urban collections and the charm of the natural essences of the Moove Natural collection, Moove wall coverings elegantly decorate spaces, giving character to every room.
Clap!3D Yadan e Moove Urban Kintai Cedar (2)
Capable of revolutionizing any indoor space, Moove Urban is the collection of wood and technopolymer wall coverings available in a wide range of wood-effect finishes.
With the Moove Urban Pop collection you can opt for seamless white profiles that can be painted in any color within the RAL classic scale.
Made of natural wood, the Moove Natural modules meet every aesthetic and functional requirement thanks to the choice, for some profiles, between rigid, flexible or with a contrasting coloured base.
Moove Vitter is the collection of vertical claddings made of VittEr®, the compact all-coloured plywood with class B reaction to fire with rich and intense colors that can transform any room.
Thanks to the vibrant colours of the Moove Vitter® and Moove Urban collections, and the charm of the natural wood used for the Moove Natural collection, Moove cladding elegantly furnishes spaces, adding personality and completing any environment.
Created to be adapted to any style, surface and requirement, the collections from the Moove line offer various levels of customisation that range from the personalisation of colour to the possibility of choosing between a rigid or flexible type of support.
Moove cladding has been developed around the concepts of excellence and elegance, both in terms of design and choice of material. Through the careful selection of raw materials, Déco offers natural woods and top-quality materials.
Moove profiles improve the beauty and the visual impact of any interior, enhancing surfaces with contemporary shapes and forms.
Déco places no limits on design creativity, offering all-round cladding systems. The Moove family can be matched with Clap! floors, offering a harmonious and distinctive combination of vertical and horizontal surfaces.