Revolution of the stone

Unequaled Realism

Current trends in design demand that coverings are not only versatile but must also be able to fit seamlessly into the context. The Clap! collection stands out for its high-quality graphic design and its remarkable decorative potential. Thanks to the various textures inspired by natural elements such as wood and stone, and the various formats of planks and tiles available, Déco has created an interior coverings collection that has a unique, distinctive personality.

SPC, Revolutionary Tecnology

The finishes in wood and stone – combined with the resistance of a new, revolutionary vinyl technology – make Clap! the ideal response to today’s design requirements. With its comprehensive range, it uncovers a world full of excitation, style and atmosphere, delivering exceptionally high levels of long-lasting performance. It is a solution that can be rapidly installed and is easy to maintain, and moreover it is supported by every certifications required by current legislation.

Clap! is unique


Limited Total Thickness

Its limited total thickness makes Clap! a material that is suitable for various installation solutions, on a great many types of existing surfaces. Its rapid installation and removal make Clap! perfect even for temporary installations.

New U-click system

The U-click interlock system is a major evolution. This click system offers an almost total lack of joint lines, extremely rapid installation and super water-resistance.

Eco Sustainable system

In line with the company’s philosophy, Clap! is an eco-sustainable product. Made of 95% recycled materials, Clap! complies with current guidelines on the environment and on health and safety.

Resistance to Upper Wear

Clap! features exceptionally resistance to wear-and-tear, 300% higher than that of traditional LVT, offering surprisingly high performance levels even in areas subject to high levels of footfall. It also achieves unrivalled levels of durability and resistance.

Reduced Expansion System

Clap! is twice as stable as traditional LVT. This allows it to be installed without acclimation, if not exposed to extreme tamperature (less than 10° or more than 40°) in the next 12 hours after installation. Moreover, Clap! is also immune to the so-called bubble effect.

Minimal Traffic Noise

Déco’s vinyl covering is also remarkable for its excellent absorption of foot traffic noise, thanks also to the presence of the integrated underlay. Silent and comfortable, it is suitable for even the most snug spaces.


1220x181x5 mm
1226x130x3 mm
940x465x5 mm

Clap! Wood Effect

Clap! Stone Effect

indoor/outdoor continuity