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The strength of stone dust, the innovation of technopolymers: Clap! is the exclusive family of interior coverings that has redefined the boundaries of realism: with the super-thin, ultra-realistic boards of the Clap!3D, Clap!Real and Clap!GO collections, coverings by Déco are designed to offer unique, cutting-edge solutions.
Manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, Clap! finishes are characterised by extremely realistic and natural details. The visual impact of the color nuances is combined with the tactile veracity of the raised grain for an aesthetically unsurpassed effect.
superior performance
The formulation of stone powder and recycled polymers makes Clap! a product that offers unsurpassed performance that is far superior to traditional flooring.

∙ immediate interlocking installation
∙ total absence of joints
∙ minimum thickness
∙ warm and silent to the footstep
∙ also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens
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With three-dimensional and hyper-realistic details, the Clap!3D collection captures the authentic essence of wood and offers a wide range of formats also for Multiformat and Fishbone laying.
Aesthetics and functionality: Clap!Real offers the charm of a floor with a 100% natural wood surface and superior performance to meet the demands of everyday life.
Available in wood and stone finishes, in board and maxi-tile formats, Clap!GO is a complete collection offering versatile covering solutions for floors and walls.



The stone dust in the mix for indoor products renders Clap! resistant to humidity, impervious to liquids and oily substances; stains and dirt can be quickly removed with a simple damp cloth.

Clap! is extremely easy to clean with a simple mild detergent thanks to the protective surface layer and the almost total absence of spaces, preventing dirt and bacteria from depositing. 

With their low thermal resistance, claddings from the Clap! line are suitable for laying on top of traditional radiant heating/cooling systems. 

Irritating sounds of footsteps are minimised by the integrated matting, considerably improving acoustic comfort.

Thanks to the integrated matting, Clap! guarantees rapid and immediate installation, without any prior laying of an underlay. The interlocking system also allows for a floor that can be walked on immediately.

Thanks to the interlocking installation system, Clap! can also be installed in furnished homes, without the need to demolish the existing flooring, simply moving the furniture as installation proceeds.