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Yes. Clap! can be installed quickly and easily with a click system, even on existing floors, without damaging them. Removal is quick and easy, and the floor underneath can be recovered.
Yes. Clap! can also be installed in the presence of radiant heating without any loss of efficiency.
Clap! is in fire resistance class Bfl and can therefore also be installed in rooms with a fireplace. It is always advisable to avoid contact with coals or burning objects that could damage the surface.
Yes. Clap! is 100% waterproof and suitable for installation in humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. In the event of water leaks, however, we recommend that liquids are dried up quickly. We recommend placing spacers adjacent to fixed furnishings to allow for possible contraction or expansion.
It is essential that the installation surface is level, clean and dry. If the installation surface is uneven, add a layer of self-levelling product.
No. Clap! is an indoor product; for outdoor use we recommend our specific products which can be found in the outdoor section of the website.
Yes. You can install Clap! in furnished rooms by gradually moving the furniture. We recommend placing spacers adjacent to fixed furnishings to allow for possible contraction or expansion.
It is generally not necessary to dismantle the doors as Clap! has a thickness of only 5 or 6 mm including the integrated anti-noise mat. If necessary, doors can be trimmed or raised by a few millimetres. We always suggest verifying the situation with an inspection by one of our dealers or an installer.
Yes. There are specific profiles for the installation of Clap!, even on staircases and steps.
General Information
No. The rigid layer of Clap! consists of mineral and vinyl composites that do not require adhesives. It therefore does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. The integrated mat is protected by an antibacterial shield layer that inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Yes. Clap! is perfect for pets thanks to its thick wear- and stain-resistant layer. It is also waterproof thanks to its stone powder and polymer composite formulation and patented interlocking.

Generally Clap! is more resistant than traditional floorings like parquet, laminate or lvt, in fact it is in wear class AC6, therefore suitable for any residential and commercial environment, including high traffic. As with all surfaces, it is advisable to avoid any objects or actions that could damage it, e.g. placing felt pads under furniture.

Clap! is available in two versions, Clap!GO with 5 mm thickness and Clap!3D with 6 mm thickness. Both have the same stone powder and polymer composite formulation with unique and patented elements. Clap!3D plank is wider and longer and offer an exclusive materic texture. 

A 3mm version of Clap!GO is also available for wall use only.
For routine cleaning, sweep the floor with a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner without a metal carpet-cleaner head. Clean using a neutral detergent diluted in water and a soft cloth, rinsing frequently with lukewarm water. The specific Clap! Cleaner is also available for deeper and more specific cleaning.


Thanks to its patented shield, Ultrashield does not lose colour or absorb stains. All that is needed for cleaning is water, mild soap and a sorghum brush to remove any dirt that may accumulate.
Use soap and water and a non-metallic soft brush to remove dirt and debris. Brush in the direction of the grain. Stains should be removed quickly with warm soapy water. With stubborn stains, proceed with specific products for the type of dirt.
General Information

Yes. Ultrashield is designed to withstand any climate and is therefore regularly installed successfully in high mountain areas.

No. Ultrashield is designed to be durable in all weather conditions.
Ultrashield heats up in the sun in the same manner as other outdoor surfaces, depending on the colour, temperature and angle of the sun. During the hottest hours, depending on sensitivity, slippers can be worn.
No. Thanks to the protective shield that surrounds the plank on all four sides, Ultrashield maintains perfect colour stability over time.
Ultrashield does not absorb stains. If the floor becomes dirty, remove the stain quickly with warm soapy water and a non-metallic soft brush. With stubborn stains, proceed with specific products for the type of dirt.
Ultrashield has a slip resistance of category R11.
Yes. All Déco products can benefit from the 90 and 110 bonuses as long as applied in conjunction with a justified operation, such as insulation, which guarantees an improvement of 2 energy classes for the building.
Ultrashield is guaranteed for 25 years for residential use and 10 years for commercial and public use.
No. Ultrashield is a guaranteed surface for exteriors; for interiors we recommend our Clap! indoor surfaces, available in the indoor section of the website.


Yes. Poolside is one of the main applications for Ultrashield, which is resistant to chlorine and salt.
Yes. Ultrashield can be installed over existing floors in the presence of a solid, stable and durable substructure.
Yes. Ultrashield slats can be used for the construction of railings and fences.