Innovation, quality, aesthetics are Ultrashield’s watchwords. Ultrashield is unique in its category, an absolute news in the decking industry. A new generation of composite wood, conceived to offer unmatched performance and beauty. Ultrashield is unique. Five years of R&D led to a revolutionary technology patented by NewTechWood that brings about a crucial improvement for composite woods. It combines the proven strength of high density polyethylene plastic and wood fibers with an outer shell of polymer that completely encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection from scratches, stains and fading.

Décowood Ultrashield Technology


UltraShield® is a capped wood plastic composite, which means it has an advanced premium shield encasing all four sides around its inner core. The shield and core are extruded together under a very high temperature mold simultaneously, so there are no adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
The core in made from carefully selected recycled material and highly dense recycled hardwood and softwood fibers that allow for greater strength and durability, and best of all it’s 100% recyclable.
The shield uses an advanced engineering polymer to create a formulation which gives the boards Ultra Protection against:

> Wine, coffe, soy sauce, vegetable oil etc cannot stain the board. Messes can be easily wiped off the surface because the liquid never gets absorbed by the shield, which makes Ultrashield very easy to clean and low maintenance.

> Mildew, Mold, Rotting, Splitting or Cracking The shield provides an impermeable layer, so there is no fungus growth or splitting able to occur on the surface of the board, therefore, giving UltraShield a longer life span than regular uncapped composites.

> Color Fading The unique formulation of the shield ensures its color stays much longer compared to conventional composite decking. The result of 3000 hours in a QUV accelerated weathering test chamber is Delta E <4.0, meaning no visible color change can be observed with the human eye.

> Painting or Oiling The multichromatic colors are a part of the shield’s formulation meaning that you will never have to paint, sand, or oil again.

Ultrashield: colour and finishing


Colours and finishes of Ultrashield boasts a unique treatment on the protective shield that make it extremely natural-looking.


doga finto legno color teak lisciaSmoothdoga finto legno color teak con venatureVeined


doga acero lisciaSmoothdoga acero con venatureVeined


doga cedro lisciaSmoothdoga cedro con venatureVeined


doga finto legno color grigio antico lisciaSmoothlegno composito per esterni con finitura grigio antique con venatureVeined

Ultrashield: installation system and profiles

TOP Ultrashield can be installed with 3 different locking systems:

Classic System
The lateral gap between boards is 6mm. The Standard Board – dimensions 23x138mm – has to be used. The clip system consists in blocking clips in stainless steel and expansion clips in PE
Small Gap System
The lateral gap between boards is 1mm. The Standard Board  – dimension 23x138mm – has to be used. The clip system consists in blocking and expansion clips, both in stainless steel
Invisible System 
Boards overlap laterally therefore giving a visual continuity. The patented Invisible Ultrashield Profile – dimensions 23x143mm – has to be used. The clip system consists in blocking and expansion clips, both in PE. A 5% excess in boards calculation must be considered and added to the standard waste. A buttonhole must be made on the board where the blocking clip is to be inserted

Ultrashield Accessories


Step and finishing profile 138x23mm

Frame 85x10mm

Frame 138x15mm

Expansion and fixing clip Classic Sysem

Expasion and fixing clips 1mm System

Expansion and fixing clips Invisible System

Start/End and Step/Finishing profile clip

End cap


All draws are provided as a guide. For technical draws, please contact our technical department

Installation guidelinesRequest information


Technical Features

Tests performed by Intertek (International Organization Independent)

Dimensions: 23 x 138 x 2200 mm

ASTM D6109Flexural strenght (MOR)26,3 MPa
Flexural stiffness (MOE)2620 MPa
ASTM D4226Impact resistanceMFE>396J
ASTM D785Rockwell hardness (HRR)78,7R
ASTM D7032Creep-Recovery (24h)82,2%1
EN 319Tensile strenght (bond quality)>2,08 MPa
ASTM G21Mould resistance (28 days)Rating 02
ASTM D4060Mould resistance (28 days)Index 333
ASTM D1037Moisture content before submersion0,21%
Moisture content after submersion0,33%
Thickness swelling0,32%
ISO 4892-1Weathering resistance (2000h)E=2,5 Grey scale 3-4
DIN 51130Floor slip resistanceAngle: 19,7° Group R114


1 The test span is 384mm
2 Rating 0: none (no growth on specimen surface)
3 Weight loss after 800 cycles 27mg, weight loss after 1000 cycles 27mg
4 Group R11: suitable public spaces
a 2% tolerance on dimensions is normal and acceptable

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