Teak hardwood is among the most used outdoor flooring. It’s one of the best choices to achieve a refined outdoor setting due to its durability, stability and aesthetics. A golden colour and a distinctive scent makes Teak a suitable choice for private and valuable environment.

Possible installation methods

Visible screws installation

Classic clip installation

Hidden clip installation (Valinge). A 5% excess in boards calculation must be considered and added to the standard waste.


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Technical features

source: Tropix (Cirad UE)

Dimensions 19 x 90 x 900/2400 mm, 19 x 120 x 900/2400 mm
(Please, always check the availability of profiles and lenghts)
Origin: Asia
Commercial name: Teak
Family: Lamiaceae
Scientific name: Tectona Grandis

 MediaDeviazione Standard
Density0,67 g/cm30,06
Monnin Hardness4,21,3
Coef of volumetric shrinkage0,34%0,07%
Tangential Shrinkage4,7%0,8%
Radial Shrinkage2,6%0,4%
Crushing Strength56 MPa6
Static Bending Strength98 MPa13
Modulus of Elasticity13740 MPa2749


Durability to Fungi and Mildew Class 1: very durable (UNI CEN/TS 15083-1/2005)

Physical Properties based on mature heartwood specimens. Can vary greatly depending on the origin and growth conditions.
Wood is natural element: the dimensions of the boards might vary up to a 3% difference compared to the nominal measures.