Ipe Lapacho


Design-oriented, warm and elegant, Ipe is to be considered one of the strongest woods in the world, as long-lasting as Teak.
Colours range from dark brown to reddish, and olive green, with dark and light grains, it’s quite olily and extremely dense in its internal structure.
The marked tone differences are a typical feature that once installed give it a pleasant natural effect. Due to UV rays exposure, throughout time Ipe wood will tend to take on a greysh shade, as happens with any other essence. Should this not be desired, the original colour can be restored by using specific oils one or two times per year.

Ipe is appreciated because of its extraordinary strength and flexibility, which guarantee very high performances for any outdoor use. It comes from the forests of South America, and once installed typically lasts more than 25 years, substantially immune to moisture and weathering. Ipe is also completely resistant to pests, fungi and stress.

Its unique properties give it a fire resistance comparable to that of concrete. These valuable properties, combined with its stylish look and design, and an affordable price, make Ipe the most widely used decking material in the world.

Possible installation methods

Visible screws installation

Classic clip installation (suitable for profiles 21x100mm and 19x90mm)

Hidden clip installation (Valinge) (Suitable for 21x100mm profile). A 5% excess in boards calculation must be considered and added to the standard waste.


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Technical Features

source: Tropix (Cirad UE)

Dimensions 19 x 90 x 950/2150 mm, 21 x 100 x 950/2150 mm, 21 x 140 x 950/2150 mm
(Please, always check the availability of profiles and lenghts)
Origin: Brazil, Bolivia
Commercial name: Ipe
Family: Bignoniaceae
Scientific name: Tabebuia Serratifolia

 MediaDeviazione Standard
Density1,04 g/cm30,9
Monnin Hardness14,63,1
Coef of volumetric shrinkage0,68%0,09%
Tangential Shrinkage6,4%0,9%
Radial Shrinkage5,1%0,5%
Crushing Strength95 MPa10
Static Bending Strength166 MPa28
Modulus of Elasticity22760 MPa2244


Durability to Fungi and Mildew Class 1: very durable (UNI CEN/TS 15083-1/2005)

Physical Properties based on mature heartwood specimens. Can vary greatly depending on the origin and growth conditions.
Wood is natural element: the dimensions of the boards might vary up to a 3% difference compared to the nominal measures.