Décowood classic


Décowood is the result of an extraordinary modern technology using wood and plastic synthesis. Lasting up to 25 years after installation, this product offers all the design of natural wood without any need for maintenance. Completely rot-proof, Décowood is absolutely immune from any kind of external aggression: from natural ones, including insects, termites, fungi and other microorganisms, rain, hail, snow and UV rays, to chemicals, such as dilute acids and salt solutions or chlorine.

Décowood is:

  • A great eco-friendly alternative to tropical woods
  • Highly resistant to water and moisture
  • Anti-splint
  • Two types of surface in the same profile
  • All the warmth and look of natural wood
  • Will not assume the greysh shade typical of natural woods
  • Extremely durable, will not rot
  • Recyclable after use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean

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Technical features

Dimensions23 x 146 x 2200/2900 mm 
Tensile Strength15 MPa 
Rockwel Hardness68 
Static Bending Strength24 MPa 
Density1,2 g/cm3 
Weight m218,63 Kg 
Modulus of elasticityca. 13000 MPa 
ColourBrown tropicalLight Grey
Slip ResistanceR11-R12 

2900mm length is available until sale of all stock