Décowood plus


Décowood Plus is the new exclusive Décowood profile with enhanced aesthetics and features.
Even more similar to real wood, a larger board and the possibility to choose between two extremely realistic faces. The wooden powder size has been carefully selected in order to get an outstanding aesthetics results besides improving the impact, scratch and stain resistance. At the same time the environmentally friendly features of all Décowood profiles have been preserved on Dècowood Plus.

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Technical features

Dimensions23 x 165 x 2200 mm 
Tensile Strength15 MPa 
Rockwel Hardness68 
Static Bending Strength24 MPa 
Density1,2 g/cm3 
Weight m218,63 Kg 
Modulus of elasticityca. 13000 MPa 
ColourBrown tropicalLight Grey