Décowood Fiberglass


According to our common sense, glass is a fragile material. Yet if it is spinned into less then a tenth of a millimeter it gets an incredible mechanical resistance and resilence. So far, fiberglass has been mainly used in the aerospace, nautical and automotive industries. Déco decided to use it in a new formula for Décowood in order to offer new, outstanding features
Décowood Fiberglass is indeed a brand new formula that makes all Décowood profiles up to 40% stronger. Because of that all Décowood Fiberglass profiles are especially apt for installation in public and crowded places.
The performance improvements allow

  • An incredible impact resistance
    The possibility to increase the understructure span
    A better dimensional stability

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Scheda tecnica

Breaking Load3.126 N4.566 N
Static Bending Strength24,39 N35,72 N
Modulus of Elasticity3.652 Mpa4.072 Mpa
Impact Resistance4,4 kj/m23,1 kj/m2