Angelim Amargoso


Angelim Amargoso is a noble South American wood, with a warm amber colour similar to Teak that is so much appreciated by decking lovers.
Its warmth inspires the environment where it is installed therefore making them so pleasant for private and convivial setting as well as for dehors, restaruants, pubs and large public works.
Once properly installed, it is among the most stable, reliable and performing wood for outdoor purposes, all that blended with a great value for money.
Increasingly used for outdoor designing, Angelim Amargoso provides excellent stability as well as a very pleasant and delicate look in the natural environment.

Possible installation methods

Visible screws installation


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Technical features

Source: Tropix (Cirad UE)

Dimensions: 19 x 90 x 1000/4600 mm
Origin: Brazil
Commercial name: Angelim Amargoso
Family: Fabaceae
Scientific name: Hymenolobium spp.

Density0,80 g/cm30,07
Monnin Hardness6,31,7
Coef of volumetric shrinkage0,67%0,09%
Tangential Shrinkage8,3%1,5%
Radial Shrinkage4,9%0,8%
Crushing Strength67 MPa7
Static Bending Strength117 MPa15
Modulus of Elasticity28870 MPa3828


Durability to Fungi and Mildew Class 3: moderately durable (UNI CEN/TS 15083-1/2005)

Physical Properties based on mature heartwood specimens. Can vary greatly depending on the origin and growth conditions.
Wood is natural element: the dimensions of the boards might vary up to a 3% difference compared to the nominal measures.